Christina Sallis

Christina Sallis

Graduate of Madison Area Technical College
Current Student at the University of Mississippi
Alumna of the Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay-Bruce Nagel Unit

I would never be where I am today without the Boys & Girls Club and its amazing staff. After school when most kids would head home to watch TV, play video games or maybe even do some homework, I would walk a few blocks to the Boys & Girls Club. From the first day I walked in the doors, I felt love, encouragement, and most of all, inspiration from everyone I met. Club Members and staff helped me get through some of my lowest times by reminding me that people actually cared about me and my family.

One incident in particular was during my family’s time in a homeless shelter. Each time my sister and I would visit the Club, I would forget that I even lived in a shelter. I felt like a regular kid. Nobody at the Club judged me or looked down upon me because I lived in a shelter. Actually I think they gave me even more attention and worked even harder to show me that I was capable of doing anything if I put my mind to it. The Club gave me the confidence I have today.

The Boys & Girls Club has helped me overcome so much adversity. No matter what the situation, many of the staff acted as counselors with whom I could talk to about situations in my school and personal life. All the tips to help with “teen life”, I learned either from staff or Club programs. The staff and older Club Members became tutors for me whenever I needed help. With computers, books and other options of research, the Club is a great resource to have.

The Boys & Girls Club helped me mature by giving me leadership roles in different programs, sporting events and community activities. I also had an opportunity to improve my presentation and communication skills by interviewing former president of the Green Bay Packers, John Jones. I know I will utilize these skills for the rest of my life.

After graduating from high school it was clear to me that I still needed a little help from my friends at the Club. I wanted to attend college, but needed some guidance through the maze of admission and financial aid information. With some help from Club staff and some hard work on my part, I went on to begin my college career in January of 2008. Without the Boys & Girls Club and its amazing staff I would never be where I am today.

-Christina Sallis