Mission Moments

Every day, the Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay makes a lasting impact in the lives of children. These stories are the proof.

Merrick Got the Job

As a high school freshman, Merrick was not your typical 14 year old. Living with his single mother and younger siblings, he was forced to mature quicker than most his peers. His family struggled to get by with just his mother’s income, and Merrick spent his time after school watching over his siblings, while theyRead More

Dominic Has a Breakthrough

A troubled teen named Dominic came to the Club just to play basketball. Spending his time in the gym, he would rarely study with the other teens. Dominic’s family did not value education. They viewed school as pointless and he was not expected to succeed. School simply was not a priority. So, for Dominic, friendsRead More

Melissa Shines On and Off the Stage

When outgoing Melissa first joined the Boys & Girls Club’s Lutsey Unit, it was clear to everyone around her that she was a shining star. Her dreams of becoming a ballerina were accompanied by her aspirations of being the next big actress on Broadway. She has grown up watching TV specials and holiday musicals, mesmerized by the dancers.Read More

Tracy Warms Up to the Club

There was a delight and sense of relief in Tracy’s eyes when she received a new coat for Christmas. “I can’t believe it!“ she said. “I never knew a stranger could care so much.”  Every day Tracy would walk to the Boys & Girls Club in the blistering cold with nothing more than a hoodie.Read More

Kyla Creates a Masterpiece

An ambitious young eight year old named Kyla came to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay looking for a place to learn. She struggled in school and was quickly falling behind her classmates. Her difficulties academically left her frustrated, and she wondered how reading and writing came so easy to others.  Outside of school,Read More

Jonathon Breaks the Cycle

Jonathan has been a regular at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay since most staff members can remember. Helpful, cooperative, a leader, and kind are all ways that Club staff describe him. Some would even say that they knew “everything” about him. However, Jonathan had a secret. What staff didn’t know for many yearsRead More

Allie Cooks Up Something New

Every day, you can find Allie exploring new recipes and baking decadent treats in the kitchen at the Boys & Girls Club, a passion that has grown from an unfortunate, life-altering condition.

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Nathan Finds a Home at the Club

With Nathan’s good grades and positive demeanor, no one would’ve guessed that he was facing such a devastating situation at home. He continued to attend Club, participating in programs and wearing a giant grin through it all. He never once let it show that he was struggling.

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The ten minutes that changed Jamarcus forever

Jamarcus sat for ten minutes in a presentation at St. Norbert College before scooting his chair up next to the Teens 2 Week Club staff chaperoning the tour, and said, “I’ve changed my mind, I’m definitely going to college.”

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Jamie chased excellence & caught confidence

Everyone was surprised to discover that Jamie was a natural and exceptional athlete, but staff quickly learned that this was only the beginning of Jamie’s transformation.

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